The Laurels of Carson City

A Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

The Laurels of Carson City is an 82 beds skilled nursing facility offering short term rehabilitation, palliative, extended and respite care. We offer 35 private rehab suites with private bathroom, a 1700 sq. ft. rehab gym, spa, separate fine dining and a rehab staff with an ability to rehab guest 7 days a week. Our semi- private extended care suites offer unique design with a privacy wall separating patient sleeping areas, also offering fine dining, a spa, and daily activities. Sparrow Carson City Hospital is located in Montcalm County. Sparrow Carson City is located within walking distance from Laurels of Carson City and remains our top referral sources. Sparrow Carson City is a Sparrow Affiliate hospital, and therefore they are a satellite hospital sending trauma to Sparrow Main in Lansing (1hour from Carson City) Our Primary Market is Montcalm, Portions of Gratiot County, Ionia County, Northern Clinton County and Eastern Kent County. Within these counties we market and build referral relationships with all the Sparrow, and Mid-Michigan hospital afflicted PCP offices.

Short-Term Rehab
Short-Term Care

We provide a complete range of services for patients that are unable to return home after a hospitalization. Our programs provide a safe transition from hospital to home with a depth of services that typically can not be provided through home health care or by family members.

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Long-Term Care

Extended and long-term care stays are appropriate for individuals that require greater levels of care and support than can be provided at home or within an independent living setting. Our guests typically need assistance with their daily activities due to physical and/or cognitive limitations.

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Respite Care

Short-term respite stays offer a family or caregiver a short-term reprieve from the demands of around-the-clock care. Our twenty-four hour nursing care at our skilled nursing facilities assures that all medications are taken on time and any necessary medical treatments are provided.

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Hospice Care

Palliative care provides comprehensive symptom management along with guest and family support when cure-oriented treatment is no longer possible or desired. Within a palliative plan of care, emphasis is placed on guest comfort and emotional well-being.

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Fine Dining

You are sure to enjoy your fine dining experience with us. We are proud of our nutritious and appetizing meals serviced in a fine dining atmosphere. Our dining philosophy enables you to experience the service and selections you would expect in a nice restaurant.

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Recreational Activities

We can bring joy to your life through companionship, activities, and laughter. We will establish an individualized activity program and you will receive a monthly calendar that features all of the scheduled events, times and locations so you can plan your activities in advance.

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Physical Therapy
Outpatient Therapy

See how our outpatient therapy can help you reach new heights in your recovery, improve function and gain confidence while maintaining your normal routine at home!

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"The friendly atmosphere made me feel close to home. Thank you Laurels of Carson City"


"Everybody at The Laurels of Carson City was great, group therapy was very fun! I belong to the Masons, the Masonic home is nice, but it was great to be able to stay so close to home in such a beautiful facility. I truly enjoyed my stay at The Laurels of Carson City, thank you."


"There wasn't one thing that I didn't love about my stay at The Laurels of Carson City. I had never been to a Rehabilitation facility so I had no idea what to expect. The Laurels of Carson City definitely exceeded my expectations! All of the therapy staff treated me with the utmost respect, and were always cheerful. I always left the therapy gym with a smile, feeling fantastic. It was certainly hard work, but with such caring staff it was worth every minute of my stay. The Laurels of Carson City is a wonderful place and I will definitely return if I am in need of therapy again. Thank you to everyone at The Laurels of Carson City for your compassion."

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